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Hamlet untuk semua

Posted on 22 April 2015

22–26 Apr 2015 : SD: Othello

I first came to Hamlet in high school. We watched the Kenneth Branagh movie, had to analyse the “To be, or not to be” speech. Analyse in the sense of reading it closely and saying something about what Hamlet is really saying. My teenage self was excited with the possibilities of that. I could claim that Hamlet was saying anything I wanted. I merely had to gather the evidence. I gathered the evidence, like a detective, but the evidence did not support my arguments. Reading used to be an exercise in power, in imposing meaning on the text. I learned that the evidence determined what claims could be made of a character and a text. Reading became a listening exercise. Shakespeare is challenging to…

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KakiTeater: Talking with Jason

Posted on 26 July 2013

Venue : PJ Live Arts, Jaya One

Date : 26–28 July 2013

YouTube : actspressions

Event : Kakiseni Listing

Tickets : RM30/RM50 (Purchase online)

Facebook : Actspressions

Theatre-goers will get a show full of dreams and steampunk this weekend! The Tailor-Made Man opens this Friday and promises to deliver the most elaborate production in PJLA yet. We talk with the director of The Tailor-Made Man, Jason Ding, about the upcoming play: Tell our readers a little bit more about The Tailor-Made Man. The Tailor-Made Man is a story of a dreamer, Joseph, and his journey from his father’s house to the unlikeliest of places. He meets different, interesting characters along the way; and goes through some nightmares before eventually seeing his dreams come true.

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Neoromantik cuba bawa makna baharu percintaan remaja muda mudi

Posted on 21 February 2013

Kemunculan kumpulan teater kecil yang mementaskan teater skala kecil semakin rancak dipersembahkan. Terbaharu, teater Antologi Neo-romantik yang dipentaskan di Stor Teater DBP terbitan Artful Creator dan Paradoks Production. Neoromantik ditulis dan diarahkan oleh Aloy Paradoks. Teater ini memenangi Skrip Terbaik dalam Sayembara Menulis Skrip Teater Pendek anjuran Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka pada tahun 2012 yang lalu. Melalui pertandingan itu juga, Aloy Paradoks turut dianugerahkan sebagai pelakon lelaki terbaik dalam sayembara tersebut. Kini, Aloy Paradoks kembali mementaskan Neoromantik dalam durasi yang lebih panjang. Pementasan berlangsung selama empat hari bermula daripada 14 hingga 17 Februari 2013 dan memakan masa lebih kurang 1 jam 15 minit. Neoromantik membawa persoalan cinta sepasangan kekasih yang hidup di zaman pasca moden. Tidak terperangkap dengan makna cinta tradisional seperti yang pernah…

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