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Year-End Dances

Posted on 28 November 2013

2014 is just around the corner, and here are the dance productions you should be watching before the year ends: 6th Nyoba Kan International Butoh Festival 29th–30th November, 830PM |Black Box @ DPAC Nyoba Kan has been actively promoting and performing the unique Malaysian take on the Butoh dance, which originated in Japan, for years now. If you haven’t caught any of their performances, the Butoh Festival is your best bet. There will be a performance of The Thousand Hands Arhat (which was also staged in Urbanscapes over the weekend) by Nyoba Kan, and Unspelled by Yuko Kaseki, a Japanese Butoh dancer currently based in Berlin. More details → The Island by Kwang Tung Dance Company 29th & 30th Nov, 3PM (Saturday only) and 8.30PM…

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The Bee Project

Posted on 12 December 2012

According to TerryandTheCuz “The characters are fleshed out, the plot is developed. Even Jo Kukathas would be pleased.” So goes one of the lines in The Bee Project, a collaborative site-specific theatre production by TerryandTheCuz; co-designed with Australian-based The Rubix Cube and co-written with Martin Blum. A simple glance shows this is a male-dominated team, and this production draws much from the realm of straight male fantasies and shoot-em-ups (feminists be warned). The premise of the show seemed simple enough: step into The Bee cafe at Publika for a meal, while a whodunit play takes place around you. Opening Sequence: Bang Bang Warning placards on the tables warn diners of coarse language, high-level violence, simulated sex, and that they may be required to move…

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