Ape Cerita + Barricade

Ape Cerita + Barricade

It’s been a good weekend at MAP @ Publika, with two politically conscious exhibitions running simultaneously; Ape Cerita in Black Box and Kuala Lumpur 7th Triennial’s Barricade in White Box.

The opening night of Barricade also had performance art. By far, the most eye-catching performance was that of the Moving Great Wall, a 500-foot long, bright yello canvas painted with protestations over the proposed MRT at Jalan Sultan. Concerned citizens were asked to take up the matter (and literally, the banner), and make their way around the shopping mall of Publika, where they were occasionally met with applause for their message. You can see part of this performance in the video below.

Barricade‘s exhibition featured political works by artists like Sharon Chin (Weeds/Rumpai Series #1 — weeds painted on BN flag); Yee I-Lann (Commemorative Corridor, with Malaysia/Malaya mugs and paper plates sold); Liew Kung Yu (Stoned, a cheeky jewellery exhibition — catch the political reference if you can); Astrid Köppe (Untitled ((The Armor Piece)), a wearable piece that comes with pig bristles and a non-halal warning sign); Hisham Rais (with an installation that comments on NFC); Gan Sze Hooi (Barricaded Dataran Merdeka, an interactive map inviting the public to label where the FRU officials and protesters were during Bersih); and the list goes on. Like the programme given out, Barricade takes a while to navigate.

Ape Cerita is a group exhibition by Shieko, Snozze and Bibi Chun. The trio of upcoming artists tackle the issues that arise in everyday life with a great amount of style and tongue-in-cheek attitude. Those who follow the local graffiti/street art scene would also do well to check this exhibition out, as all three are established names within the scene.

It makes sense to visit MAP before the 23rd of February, so you can catch both exhibitions. Otherwise, Barricade continues until the 2nd of March, and will also have KLEX Film Festival (curated by Kok Siew Wai), Gig: Weird Scenes in the Goldmine (curated by Joe Kidd) and a Roundtable (moderated by Yap Sau Bin).

Overall, there is much to see in MAP. Do take some time to head over to Publika (and you can also check out Art Row and Segaris).

The Moving Great Wall @ Barricade, 16th Feb.


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