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KakiMusic: talking with DIVIDE

Posted on 31 March 2013

Electronic post-hardcore band DIVIDE from Jakarta will be coming to Kuala Lumpur soon, on their THIS IS NOT A HEADLINE tour, organised by Peter Says Denim Malaysia, in collaboration with An Honest Mistake Records and The Linch Agency. Since this is the band’s first visit to Malaysia, we decided to get the introductions rolling. So, who’s in the band, and how did you guys get together to form DIVIDE? Dani: Hi my name is Danindra, you can call me Dani. I do guitar and clean vocals for DIVIDE. Dhenaldi: My name is Dhenaldi and I do scream vocals for DIVIDE Fikrie: My name is Fikrie and I play keys and synth. Since our original guitarist Bolo is studying overseas, I replaced him and play…

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Posted on 5 December 2012

There is no embarrassment in admitting that two weeks later, you’re still recovering from Urbanscapes. After all, if the music festival scene is one that is still blossoming steadily into the Klang Valley landscape, then Urbanscapes is a jungle that has long taken root. It’s the weekend festival for all things creative, where practically the whole city shows up, rain or shine. Although the stage lineup might be what first gets everyone talking about the 10th Urbanscapes, it is only at Padang Astaka that the complete outdoorsy symphony reveals itself: poetry, design, food, arts, fashion, and consumerism — all demanding your attention. The weekend is quite a summary of what the folks of Klang Valley are up to and into these days. Headliners:  Sigur…

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