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M.Butterfly: When is a play not a play?

Posted on 23 April 2013

When a new play is premiered, the focus of the criticism is on the text. Is it original? Is it relevant? Is it spelt out in a way that makes sense? The team’s technical abilities are secondary to the idea being presented. Once the play has been alive for a while or becomes famous, subsequent productions struggle with the fact that the focus is now on the production and how it compares to the debut. Have they said redundant things, or did they discover anything new? Did they do the text justice? Have they succeeded it making it relevant to its new time and place? Instincts and bravery Rumah Anak Teater’s daring approach Rumah Anak Teater’s M.Butterfly falls somewhere in between being a new…

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Tales That Bind Women

Posted on 25 March 2013

“Female directors telling women’s stories” is a straightforward concept, yet the fruit of Ikal Mayang is something far more layered and complex. With an ambitious 15 short films in the series, Ikal Mayang’s diverse collective serves as an intricate exploration of the female experience in a Malaysian setting. Ikal Mayang in the Malay language means long, wavy black hair and refers to the idiom: ‘Rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain’. Our hair may be the same shade of black, but our hearts hold different stories. Because of the usual lack of female representation in the local film and TV industry, it’s refreshing to see that women were involved in all stages of Ikal Mayang’s conception. The directors were handpicked by Low Ngai Yuen and Lee Su…

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