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Catching The Big Fish

Posted on 15 March 2013

Our emcee and spoken word artist Elaine Foster says “I can’t speak for you! Which is why I want other people to speak for themselves. And [when we] put together their stories, it becomes our collective story.” We’re at The Big Fish, a storytelling event Elaine regularly organises at NeroFico. It’s a likeable event, and we’ve heard many gems from various storytellers over the months. The Big Fish audience gets a more personal experience here than at any other regular event in KL. This is largely thanks to the tendency of those onstage to default to confessional tales, though occasionally the introductions have felt invasive and exploitative (which is not to say the audience resisted the juicy details). Nevertheless, most storytellers bare their souls…

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Numinous and Wonderlust

Posted on 4 March 2013

There are many good things about Numinous, the bi-monthly gig celebrating all kinds of performances that’s organised by local spoken word artist Sheena Baharudin. Recently held in Merdekarya (a new space we like), it is a great way to spend the weekend checking out new acts. And with no cover charge, a willing audience is not difficult to find. The best thing about Numinous, however, is its spirit. Numinous has a great deal of heart — the audience is generous, Sheena as emcee has something good to say about everyone, and the vibe is warm. The performers take turns to share their work apologetically; tuning a guitar, pacifying a fussy toddler, worrying over individuals in the audience who may not understand  Malay, Korean, Nigerian or…

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