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Something I Wrote

Posted on 27 November 2013

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Azmyl Yunor is my current frontrunner for the quintissential urban-Malaysian multihyphenate. The multihyphenate is commonly found in cities like ours where there is a demand for sophisticated or globalised ideas, art and other consumables, but still not big enough to sustain all of the talent. Put another way, the brain drain is so pervasive that the outstanding talents who do stick around have lots of room to stretch and work. Specialisation as an artist in KL is often both unnecessary and unfeasible — smaller fish means you don’t have to fight so hard for that one job, and at the same time there won’t be enough work if you only do one thing. Azmyl is a true many-hat-wearer as he’s achieved distinction in many…

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Rebuilding Broken Bridges

Posted on 19 June 2013

Winning multiple awards in the 2006 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards, Broken Bridges has just ended the first leg of its second run. A love letter to Ipoh by Lim Chuang Yik and Teng Ky-Gan (who also wrote Tunku The Musical, Adam The Musical and Paper Crane), they tried to get it off the ground for years, before it was finally picked up for its first run in 2006 by Joe Hasham. Joe Hasham reprises his role as director for the second run, selling out Pentas 1 at KLPAC for several performances, a major feat for any Malaysian production. The plot is pretty straightforward, with only minor tweaks from its original run. Two best friends,  Ming (Jon Chew) and Leong (Ho Soon Yoon) are thick…

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Menjadi Orang Chow Kit Road! Chow Kit Road!

Posted on 11 June 2013

I went to watch Chow Kit Road! Chow Kit Road! with a close friend. We both more or less belong to the urban elite English-speaking Klang Valley demographic, and we were both a little worn out by the end. The play had gone on too long, we said, a common problem of local musicals, and why was the tech so poorly run that we couldn’t understand a lot of the text, and what were they actually trying to say, we said. The rest of the audience in the stalls, however, had come out in force to support the artistes, and had laughed often and applauded warmly. As we filed out, I thought about the difference between my reaction and the rest of the audience’s.…

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Oh, Inverted World

Posted on 12 March 2013

It wasn’t easy writing this. There was prejudice all around, from those who balked at the idea of an anti-queer musical without knowing what it was really about, to prejudice exhibited by the folks responsible for staging this (when I actually went to watch it), to the prejudice of my fellow audience members chuckling at the most non-PC jokes I’ve heard in recent years. So I’ll forgo a proper “introduction” and dive right in. Asmara Songsang, written and directed by Rahman Adam, is about the lives of the LGBT community encapsulated into a neat little microcosm. Three friends, who identify themselves as Nazirah, Latipah and Karim, lead a gang of queer delinquents. Headquartered in a public park conveniently situated between neighborhood homes and the…

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