About the website:

Kakiseni Blog is the autonomous editorial arm within the family of Kakiseni initiatives. Our aim is to get people interested in reading about our local arts scene again. We’ll be reviewing plays, interviewing artists, sharing interesting content and hopefully, getting to know our audience better. Our editorial arm is independent of management from our parent company, Kakiseni.

If you have a production you’ll like to see reviewed, do talk to us.

About the Editor:

Lainie Yeoh has been writing for Kakiseni since the early days. She has also been part of the Cammies team; handled Kakiseni’s previous branding/graphic design; headed the media team for Kakiseni Arts Exchange 2012; and was part of the Make Design Works programme.

Currently an art director/creative consultant and part of The Nut Graph team, Lainie officially rejoined the Kakiseni team in November 2012 as editor, website designer and social media manager (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).