2014 is just around the corner, and here are the dance productions you should be watching before the year ends:

6th Nyoba Kan International Butoh Festival
29th–30th November, 830PM |Black Box @ DPAC

Nyoba Kan has been actively promoting and performing the unique Malaysian take on the Butoh dance, which originated in Japan, for years now. If you haven’t caught any of their performances, the Butoh Festival is your best bet. There will be a performance of The Thousand Hands Arhat (which was also staged in Urbanscapes over the weekend) by Nyoba Kan, and Unspelled by Yuko Kaseki, a Japanese Butoh dancer currently based in Berlin. More details →

The Island by Kwang Tung Dance Company
29th & 30th Nov, 3PM (Saturday only) and 8.30PM | DPAC


Kwang Tung Dance Company (KTDC) was founded ni 1980 and til this day continues to provide quality dance productions. The Island will feature three choreographers: Amy Len (Artistic Director of KTDC), Jack Kek (former dancer of the internationally renowned Cloud Gate 2 Dance Company) and Loh Kok Man (Artistic Director of Pentas Project). More details →

Wushu Madness II — The Realm Between by Lee Wushu Arts Theatre & Lee Wushu Arts Workshop
1 Dec, 3PM & 830PM | Pentas 1 klpac


Wushu Madness II — The Realm Between is a production that combines martial arts and contemporary dance — two different philosophies and approaches into one new arts form. The piece explores the beauty and power of the human spirit through the interplay between contrasting movement, lighting and set design. More details →

Uncommon Ground
4th Dec, 730PM | Fonteyn Studio Theatre, PJ

Caitlin MacKenzie and Gabriel Comerford, Asialink Resident Choreographers at Rimbun Dahan, present a work-in-progress showing of their new full-length work.

Uncommon Ground is a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary work that depicts a story of two identities coming together in one place, transitioning through friction, destruction, compromise and progression, concluding with something that extends beyond the sum of its parts. This concept speaks to an internal and external landscape; a personal struggle to discover and understand oneself and the realities of living in a diverse and ever-changing society. More details →

Film X Dance: Solo Shorts Improvisation Project
6th December, 8PM | Magic Bean Dance & Body Skills Studio

7 Dancers x 7 Improvisation styles x 7 short dance films = creating infinite moments of the imagination.

Solo Shorts Improvisation Project is a performance that features video art and dance improvisation by 7 dancers under the artistic guidance of Jack Kek. Through physical creativity exercises and exploration of movement, the dancers gradually work towards expanding their own personal sense of improvisation using space, music and props to devise a new and unique kind of body language. Emerging photographer Will Chong captures the essence and quality of every dancer through his photographs and short films. More details →

Intertwined by Toccata Studio
6th & 7th Dec, 830PM; 8th Dec, 3PM | Black Box @ MAP, Publika

Choreographer Steve Goh, music composer Chor Guan Ng and set designer Lisa Foo collaborate through the lens of their art disciplines to create a performing arts piece by interpreting the word “Intertwined”. A performing art piece based on is interaction, moveable abstract origami set design that inspire the body movement of dancers, and music that incorporate the ideas of body movement. More details →

FlatLand: An Adaptation in Dance presented by TerryandTheCuz & Suhaili Micheline
6-15 Dec, 830PM (Sunday shows 3PM only) | KuAsh Theatre

Presented by TerryandTheCuz and multi-award winning dancer Suhaili Micheline, Flatland is a contemporary dance performance adapted from Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, the satirical novella by Edward A Abbott. You may have seen their performance art installation at Urbanscapes. This looks like an ambitious multimedia collaborative adaptation, and with Terryandthecuz, things always get interesting. More details →

Secrets of the Lost Circus™ by Viva Circus
6th Dec, 830pm; 7th & 8th Dec, 3PM & 830PM | DPAC

Inspired by classic fantasies and fairytales, Secrets of the Lost Circus™ is written and directed by Vivian Lea, and will be a unique multimedia acrobatics dance show. More details →

That’s our list of dances to end 2013 with — any you’d like to add to the list? Let us know! *