There are many good things about Numinous, the bi-monthly gig celebrating all kinds of performances that’s organised by local spoken word artist Sheena Baharudin. Recently held in Merdekarya (a new space we like), it is a great way to spend the weekend checking out new acts. And with no cover charge, a willing audience is not difficult to find. The best thing about Numinous, however, is its spirit.

Numinous has a great deal of heart — the audience is generous, Sheena as emcee has something good to say about everyone, and the vibe is warm. The performers take turns to share their work apologetically; tuning a guitar, pacifying a fussy toddler, worrying over individuals in the audience who may not understand  Malay, Korean, Nigerian or even English spoken with a Chicago accent. Here’s an open secret about Malaysian audiences: ask if you should perform more, and they will likely say yes. Wait for them to chant for an encore, and you’ll probably go home early.

For this instalment of Numinous, the theme was set as Wonderlust. Few kept to the theme (singer-songwriter Cassandra Chong may have been the only one), but it’s a pretty good one nevertheless. It will be great if artists start developing new work for themed gigs. For now, the few who diligently attend a lot of gigs will have to watch some reruns.

We have videos of nearly all the acts at Numinous: Wonderlust. Alas, we couldn’t capture Adel’s wonderful masked dance. Adel presented the most elegant performance of the day…in dim lighting. Very suitably atmospheric, but less great for our budget cetak rompak style of recording what happened. We do have all the other acts though. If it’s dance you specifically want to see, we have a video of Super Inlight (Jonathan St Clair of Chicago) freestyling, popping and breakdancing. He was the final act, and wrapped the event on a very fun note.

The following are some highlights from Numinous: Wonderlust:

Melizarani also recently performed in Readings @ Seksan, an event we reviewed: “What are you doing in Malaysia?”