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KakiMusic: talking with DIVIDE

Posted on 31 March 2013

Electronic post-hardcore band DIVIDE from Jakarta will be coming to Kuala Lumpur soon, on their THIS IS NOT A HEADLINE tour, organised by Peter Says Denim Malaysia, in collaboration with An Honest Mistake Records and The Linch Agency. Since this is the band’s first visit to Malaysia, we decided to get the introductions rolling. So, who’s in the band, and how did you guys get together to form DIVIDE? Dani: Hi my name is Danindra, you can call me Dani. I do guitar and clean vocals for DIVIDE. Dhenaldi: My name is Dhenaldi and I do scream vocals for DIVIDE Fikrie: My name is Fikrie and I play keys and synth. Since our original guitarist Bolo is studying overseas, I replaced him and play…

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Tales That Bind Women

Posted on 25 March 2013

“Female directors telling women’s stories” is a straightforward concept, yet the fruit of Ikal Mayang is something far more layered and complex. With an ambitious 15 short films in the series, Ikal Mayang’s diverse collective serves as an intricate exploration of the female experience in a Malaysian setting. Ikal Mayang in the Malay language means long, wavy black hair and refers to the idiom: ‘Rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain’. Our hair may be the same shade of black, but our hearts hold different stories. Because of the usual lack of female representation in the local film and TV industry, it’s refreshing to see that women were involved in all stages of Ikal Mayang’s conception. The directors were handpicked by Low Ngai Yuen and Lee Su…

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In Between: Transitions & Dead Ends

Posted on 20 March 2013

Suitors by Shahril Nizam

Suitors, 2011. Oil on Canvas. 61cm x 91.5cm.

We’ve seen much of Shahril Nizam‘s work within the art community, and waited quite a while for this: the announcement of his first solo exhibition.

If you were one of the lucky few at the recent Arts for Grabs March 2013, you would have been presented with the opportunity to purchase some of his artwork. For those who follow the local literary scene, he is the artist behind the beautiful illustrations for books such as Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things Vol 1 by Amir Muhammad; Growing Up With Ghosts by Bernice Chauly; and the collection of Malaysian writing in Readings from Readings Vol 1 and 2. He has also published a book of poetry and illustrations titled If Only.

OUR ArtProjects, the team working with the artist on this exhibition, was also recently involved in Sharon Chin‘s one-day exhibition Weeds/Rumpai. You can catch more previews and behind-the-scenes pictures of their exhibitions and artists if you visit their website.

OUR ArtProjects is excited to kick off its inaugural programme with Shahril Nizam’s long awaited solo exhibition, In Between: Transitions & Dead Ends. This presentation of paintings, drawings and sculptural objects in a room installation is a culmination of four long years of intuitive exploration. It traces the conceptual and technical processes that visualise Shahril’s deeply-held fascination for the human psyche and its mental continuum.

The details for the exhibition are below:

Shahril Nizam-sneakpeek-e-vite

OUR ArtProjects presents
a solo exhibition by Shahril Nizam
20 April – 5 May 2013

See you there!*

Catching The Big Fish

Posted on 15 March 2013

Our emcee and spoken word artist Elaine Foster says “I can’t speak for you! Which is why I want other people to speak for themselves. And [when we] put together their stories, it becomes our collective story.” We’re at The Big Fish, a storytelling event Elaine regularly organises at NeroFico. It’s a likeable event, and we’ve heard many gems from various storytellers over the months. The Big Fish audience gets a more personal experience here than at any other regular event in KL. This is largely thanks to the tendency of those onstage to default to confessional tales, though occasionally the introductions have felt invasive and exploitative (which is not to say the audience resisted the juicy details). Nevertheless, most storytellers bare their souls…

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Oh, Inverted World

Posted on 12 March 2013

It wasn’t easy writing this. There was prejudice all around, from those who balked at the idea of an anti-queer musical without knowing what it was really about, to prejudice exhibited by the folks responsible for staging this (when I actually went to watch it), to the prejudice of my fellow audience members chuckling at the most non-PC jokes I’ve heard in recent years. So I’ll forgo a proper “introduction” and dive right in. Asmara Songsang, written and directed by Rahman Adam, is about the lives of the LGBT community encapsulated into a neat little microcosm. Three friends, who identify themselves as Nazirah, Latipah and Karim, lead a gang of queer delinquents. Headquartered in a public park conveniently situated between neighborhood homes and the…

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TypoCakap: with Lauri Toikka

Posted on 12 March 2013

Are you a designer? Typo Cakap is back with another session of bringing good international typographers to Malaysia to speak with our local typography geeks. Last time around, we got to meet Christian Schwartz. Time time, typographer Lauri Toikka from Helsinki will share his thoughts. Interested?: RSVP here. Disclaimer: The organisers TypoKaki are also designing the brand identity for KakiSENI Fest.

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Really, where is Ruby Moon?

Posted on 7 March 2013

Christopher Ling has good taste in scripts. His credits boast shows that are intelligent, questioning and quite daring. They do not fall into what we euphemistically call the accessible canon, and Mr. Ling is pretty hip to the exciting new theatre out there — I don’t think there’s been a LaChiusa musical staged even in Singapore. In line with the rest of his plays, Ruby Moon has an excellent script. It is a highly stylised exploration of grief and loss as experienced by Ray and Sylvie Moon, who are trying to cope with the disappearance of their child Ruby. They continue to live in the same house, hoping she might return and immersing themselves in rituals they’ve created to keep their daughter in their…

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Numinous and Wonderlust

Posted on 4 March 2013

There are many good things about Numinous, the bi-monthly gig celebrating all kinds of performances that’s organised by local spoken word artist Sheena Baharudin. Recently held in Merdekarya (a new space we like), it is a great way to spend the weekend checking out new acts. And with no cover charge, a willing audience is not difficult to find. The best thing about Numinous, however, is its spirit. Numinous has a great deal of heart — the audience is generous, Sheena as emcee has something good to say about everyone, and the vibe is warm. The performers take turns to share their work apologetically; tuning a guitar, pacifying a fussy toddler, worrying over individuals in the audience who may not understand  Malay, Korean, Nigerian or…

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“What are you doing in Malaysia?”

Posted on 4 March 2013

“Welcome to Readings, I’m Sharon Bakar,” said the host Amir Muhammad. Sharon Bakar, the organizer, was seated in the front row, taking a break from her hosting duties. The readings usually take place in front of Hamir Soib’s Tak ada beza, a 4-panel painting of pigs walking on their hind legs. This time, the readings took place in another part of Seksan Gallery, in front of a series of mixed-media works by students from Universiti Teknologi MARA. Reading@Seksan’s 9th anniversary was last month, but this month’s event is bigger. Why? Tash Aw is reading. His first novel, Harmony Silk Factory, won the Whitbread First Novel Award and the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Novel. Nobel laureate Doris Lessing said the book is “unputdownable.”…

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